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What's in a name? 

PACE stands for Public Affairs and Community Engagement. We have become leaders in strategic community engagement by always approaching our work through a public affairs lens. From understanding the multiple policy issues shaping how the public perceives your project to developing strategic communications that deliver the right message to the right audiences, our unique approach keeps your project moving with momentum.

PACE is a bilingual, full-service public affairs consulting firm that helps clients in the public and private sectors successfully manage large city-building projects. 

Our services include:  

Strategic and public affairs counsel
Whether developing a public affairs strategy, brokering a key partnership or helping a client define the true scope of an opportunity, providing sound strategic counsel is at the core of PACE’s value to our clients. Our service offering, and our clients’ trust, is built on the strategic capacity that comes from years of public affairs and public-private partnership experience. 

Stakeholder and community engagement
PACE is recognized as one of Ontario's leading experts in stakeholder and community engagement. Over the years, we have developed and implemented policy discussions ranging from ‘small table’ workshops to focus groups; design charrettes; visioning sessions; idea fairs; dialogue sessions; World Café and Open Space events; summits; roundtables; surveys; 'streeter' interviews; crowdsourcing campaigns; open houses and town halls.  Our approach allows stakeholders to share their experiences, knowledge and concerns. We are always looking for innovative ways to create meaningful dialogue.

Strategic communications and marketing services
PACE provides a full range of public affairs and strategic communications services to support our public consultation and community engagement projects, including product development, media relations, storytelling, and social media strategy and execution.

Program development and execution
From providing input on government and regulatory matters to offering analytical and research services, from consultation on the development of new policies to tactical project management assistance, PACE offers unique value to clients who are developing and executing programs.  

Relationship building
At PACE, we help clients build long-term relationships that form the foundation for successful projects and programs. We know how to bring the right people together: we are experts at identifying common areas of interest, cultivating committed champions, and acting as a catalyst to bring together governments, businesses, local community groups and other organizations to work together to advance our clients' goals.



PACE is the National Capital Region’s leading firm specializing in the development of innovative, bilingual engagement and public affairs strategies in support of large-scale, multi-year projects.


The following summaries showcase some of PACE’s experience over the past 15 years. The first five projects link to more detailed case studies. 

The Ottawa Hospital - New Campus Development Project
The Ottawa Hospital’s new Campus will be one of the region’s most important infrastructure projects. To support the site selection for the new Campus, PACE developed and executed a stakeholder and community engagement program. Deliverables included a stakeholder engagement strategy, community information session, new project website, stakeholder information packages, media and social media analysis, and key messaging framework. More recently, PACE co-authored a report for The Ottawa Hospital, which outlines a principles-based approach to ensure the new Campus’ engagement processes are meaningful, inclusive, transparent, and effective.

The Ottawa Public Library – New Ottawa Central Library Development Project
Ottawa’s new central library will be an iconic centrepiece and a catalyst for Ottawa’s transformation. To support this project, PACE developed a community engagement program to inform the site selection evaluation process and the development of functional programming. Deliverables included community engagement sessions, stakeholder mapping and information packages, media relations support, key message framework, media and social media messaging.


Zibi – Community and First Nations Engagement Programs
PACE organized Zibi’s first public consultation session in December 2013. Zibi is an ambitious project to redevelop the former Domtar industrial properties on the Outaouais River into one of the world’s most sustainable communities. More than 880 people attended this first session, one of the largest community engagement sessions in the national capital’s history. In the months following, PACE helped develop a first-of-its-kind Engagement Program that proactively reached out to regional Algonquin communities (such as the Algonquins of Pikwàkanagàn First Nation) to seek out First Nation involvement in various aspects of Zibi, and invite them as direct partners in long-term benefits from the project. While complex and at times controversial, the program has resulted in a number of precedent-setting accomplishments with the Algonquin Anishinabe community.

City of Ottawa Transportation Master Plan Update Study

PACE designed the Bilingual Communications and Consultation Program in support of the City's Transportation Master Plan (TMP). The TMP update provided the critical foundation for the re-introduction of the City’s LRT project. As part of its program, PACE conducted online and in-person activities, including the City’s first ‘Technology-Assisted Workshop’, World Café, and a ‘Streeter Survey’ program that took consultation to the places citizens work, live and play.


National Capital Commission’s Interprovincial Transit Strategy  

As the region’s population grows and densifies, seamless transit across the Ottawa River becomes ever more critical. To support its development of an interprovincial transit strategy, PACE worked with the NCC, City of Ottawa and Société de transport de l’Outaouais to design a multi-year Public Engagement Program designed to explore solutions for seamless transit movement between the city cores of Ottawa and Gatineau. Deliverables included: strategic planning, communications and consultations services to engage the public and stakeholders.

Decontie Construction

Communications and program services in support of the company’s initiative to engage, train and certify Algonquin Anishinabe workers so that they could work off-reserve.

Ville de Gatineau
Ville de Gatineau Services in support of various assignments including ville de Gatineau’s Official Plan, long-term waster management plan, and the recreational infrastructure master plan.

City of Ottawa

Given that the City of Ottawa conducts over 100 consultations per year, City Council identified as one of their strategic priorities the need for a public engagement strategy (2011-2014 Term of Council Priority). Retained to help develop and execute a series of consultation activities designed to obtain direct feedback on the draft policy, with emphasis on a set of core values and principles that were based on a best practice review of other municipalities.

Kinkisharyo International
Public affairs counsel and procurement support for world-class train manufacturer, on major LRT transit infrastructure projects (Ottawa, Waterloo, Calgary).

Marketing Research and Intelligence Association (MRIA)

Government related counsel regarding the federal public policy agenda and how it relates to the market and survey research industry. 

National Capital Commission (NCC)
Services in support of several flagship planning projects including the Interprovincial Crossings Environmental Assessment (Phase 2A), Choosing Our Future, the Greenbelt Master Plan Update and the Interprovincial Transit Strategy.

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